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Welcome to what is probably the funniest mailer I have ever run across, which is run by who is probably the most charming and amusing admin. Introducing Animailia!

It’s definitely unique (giving a percentage of the proceeds to endangered animals) and slightly weird – a huge plus for me… When you’re this different, people will have to keep coming back to see what happens next!

Tons of Promo Codes for mailing are a big benefit here.

But most of all, it will give you the exposure you need for your products – and THAT is the bottom line.

Sign up here and join the fun!

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There’s a hot new mailer in town – and we all know that the new sites get amazing response. This one looks like you’ll get the results you need now and in the far future!

MailerDaddy.com gives you the opportunity to get More Traffic, get More Sales, Spend Less Time and Make lots of Cash! Joining us gives you the opportunity to drive MASSIVE TRAFFIC to your landing pages.

We will help you convert your prospects into instant SALES. The MailerDaddy system brings interested buyers right to your landing pages, automatically!

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Welcome and Thanks for Visiting Our Site!

After delving into the world of Internet Marketing for the past year, we have learned a lot. After a bunch of “hits and misses”, we are proud to present to you the best that the internet has to offer marketers so you can avoid the pitfalls of scams and hype – and go straight to the programs that will truly make you money. Try many programs, and get into the new ones popping up – you’ll get good results with anything new, before they taper off delivering responses. Just get yourself out there if you want to succeed!

If you are an affiliate, please check out our traffic exchanges and safelists where you can promote your products. All of our offers are free to use – but all have upgrade options for quicker, better results.

If you are looking for money-making opportunities, we have some of those too. Some are very inexpensive (for newbies who don’t have a lot of funding), to plans where you can make an income-replacing change!

So poke around the site and check out what we consider legitimate programs that WILL help you in your marketing efforts. Just keep in mind that marketing is a numbers game. You will get a lot of referrals, but only a percentage will upgrade (your commission). Don’t give up – just get your links out everywhere you can. You will make money if you’re persistent!

And thanks again for visiting! Bookmark us – we will add more tools as we check them out and recommend them for your use.

And don’t forget to sign up for any updates to the site – you can sign up with the form on the righthand column of the page!

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Extremely Valuable Site Helps with Email Marketing

Just a quick post to share a site that WILL help your Safelist and Email Marketing -

It was shared by an owner of one of the safelists that I use and it’s absolutely the first thing I do when sending out my emails.  It’s Advanced Marketing Institute’s Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer,

It takes your Email subject and gives you a score on how it is likely to affect the recipients’ reaction on whether to open your email.  You may have an excellent email body, but people are inundated with their inbox and only certain emails may get opened.  Half the battle is getting your email opened with a subject line that “speaks” to their needs.

After I started using this site – and using my subject lines that get the best results from this website – my open rates have greatly increased.  It is free to use and probably one of the best pieces of advice I can give you!

Bookmark it here and you will see a difference in your marketing efforts!



This is How It’s Done – Marketing 101

Hi folks. About a week ago I redid this website. It originally was one of those “I’ll give you my website for free” type of deals.

I have learned that “rewriting” someone else’s words ring hollow in your audiences’ ears. (Just say NO to article spinners…)  I also learned that, if you don’t have a passion for a blog – DON’T BLOG! Readers see right through it. Blogging can be an excellent way of building your authority on a subject, but the beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don’t even have to blog!

So I threw away that website and I write my own words, thoughts and heart.  We are now in 10 different countries, 5 continents and a few languages. This in one week. A couple of people even opted into my email update feature (please add yourself to that option and get bonus info!).

This is what you can achieve when you talk to people – not just sell products. Internet marketing gets easier and more obvious – the more you know.  And it is NOT manipulation, it is putting people together with what they want and need to make their life easier. You have their answer – you just need to know how and where to present your product.

Stay tuned for more – and sign up for updates! Thanks.