The Newbie’s Guide to Autoresponders

It is said that “The money is in the list”.  That means you should build a list of customers that you can email who are interested in what you are presenting or selling.  Starting the list is a daunting task.

How do you get this list started? What do you have to offer these “customers”? How often should you email?

When I started out, people told me to sign up with an autoresponder – which is a service that automatically sends out your emails to entice people to look at your blog or product.  So I signed up with (although there are many “outside” autoresponder services). For $20 a month I wrote a few emails that would be sent automatically to my “list”, I was new, so for that $20/month I was able to send emails to those two people that signed up for my information and products.  NOT WORTH THE MONEY I SPENT.

As I learned more, I knew to offer something valuable in order to “bribe” people to join my list.  That got me a couple more people to email to. The problem was that I was still spending $20 every month that didn’t justify keeping the Aweber autoresponder service as an ongoing expense.

Then I learned about IMSC Rapid Mailer.  This is an autoresponder service for WordPress that you actually buy – you own it. You pay just once – not every month! This is perfect for the newbie who are just learning about internet marketing, and it is also perfect for the veterans who know how to save a fortune by not renting a valuable service – but in fact owning it outright.

With IMSC Rapid Mailer, you can import any contacts you might already have on other autoresponders and you get unrestricted mailing for total control of your advertising campaigns!. You can make unlimited for all your different products or subjects and you also get:

Ability to Create Profitable Paid Mailing Lists Instantly (No one else does this!)
New Marketing Friendly, Ultra-Simple Set Up… Be Up and Running Fast!
Full Email Statistics & Click Tracking for Ultimate Campaign Tracking

I sold my soul every month to an outside service (where technical difficulties can render your business helpless).  If you’re new to marketing, IMSC Rapid Mailer is there through your learning curve, you can take your time figuring out the marketing biz without spending money every month – again, YOU OWN IT.  It’ll be there for when you’re ready.

Check it out here – you can’t afford not to!


Your Own Autoresponder - NO Monthly Fees!

Your Own Autoresponder – NO Monthly Fees!